Shocklee began his career DJing at various parks, house parties and clubs in New York City during the early 1980s. His style was inspired by several Brooklyn-based DJs including Grandmaster Flowers and DJ Plumber. He also cites Fatback Band's "" King Tim III (Personality Jock) " as the pioneering rap song that triggered his interest in recording. The Bomb Squad's first songs were produced in Shocklee's mother's basement and recorded on tape and acetate . He has since gone on to work with the following recording artists: LL Cool J , Ice Cube , Janet Jackson , Sinéad O'Connor and many other big-name acts.

Adam Lopez Costa (born August 26, 1975), billed as Adam Lopez , is an Australian pop musician , vocal coach, and session vocalist. He is noted for his ability to produce extremely high notes in his whistle register and for his extensive vocal range . He is currently a Guinness World Record holder for singing the highest note (by a male) and a half step below the E in the 8th octave (E ♭ 8 ), or a tone and a semitone above the highest note on a standard 88-key piano. He currently heads the vocal faculty at Sheldon College 's Australian School of the Arts .