Debo steroids

Both original Fancy and this Fancy are for decisive people. The scents are very particular. You wear them unapologetically. Now: they are 180 degrees opposite from each other. FN is a tribute to the old school power players such as Opium, Youthdew and Paloma. It's not the same as any of them, nor it's a combination of them. It's a powerful (literally) reminder that you don't have to smell only sweet-fruity-delish these days. If you'd like to - go to Fancy #1. FN is almost like an aromatherapy scent or an incense. It's for the mood and for doing something to your psyche. It might wake you up or relax you. Whatever it does to its wearer, you have to really like this smell. And spray it on your skin and hair only. Clothes will be too much. I'm chicken to wear it to work. You don't have to be one. FN is different and well done. Nobody will think that you're wearing a celebrity perfume. If you dare to wear it.

I now suspect that my ingrown hairs were caused by inflammation. Once I had my insulin and inflammation under control, I no longer got ingrown hairs. A short side note: I will also get ingrown hairs/breakouts in my nose if I eat something inflammatory, they are probably the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. They are the first sign my body gives me to tell me I’m experiencing inflammation. The next is acne, canker sores and achy joints. At the time, I was also breaking out with cystic acne on my face. The pimples were almost identical to the ones on my bum and would take over a month to resolve. The dermatologist told me that you “can’t get HS on your face.” End of story – for her. It wasn’t for me. When I got my HS under control, the ingrown hairs AND the acne also went away. In my experience doctors like to compartmentalize problems – there’s no way that anything could possibly be connected. It is this mentality that slowed my recovery by over a decade. If a single doctor had just taken a look at the bigger picture instead of trying to treat everything individually, I may have been cured years ago.

Debo steroids

debo steroids


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