Denebola distance from earth

Certain commercial concerns offer to "name" stars for individuals—at a price. These star "registries" have no official sanction. Astronomical objects are named by the International Astronomical Union, according to internationally agreed-upon protocols which do not permit naming stars for living persons. Stars rarely get names these days, but catalog numbers But while you cannot legitimately name a star for yourself or a friend or family member, we invite you to observe a star whose light is as old as you are, or they are, and to possess a photo of it if you like. Like the night sky, it's free!

FIRST COMING AS SUFFERING SERVANT: 1. VIRGO -- Promised seed of the woman (SUN in her belly). A virgin (Isa. 7:14; Rev. 12:1-5) holding a branch (Jer. 23:5-6) and an ear of grain. Star names include: "A Branch" (Arabic Al Zimach) in her left hand. "Gloriously Beautiful" (Zavijaveh) in Virgo's head (Is. 4:2). "Who Shall Come Down" (Al Murredin) is in her right arm (Ps. 72:8). (A) Coma. Woman with a child on her lap - Name "Coma" means "Desire Of All Nations" (Hag. 2:7)
Albumazer, an Arabic astronomer of the 8th century, said that the Persians, Chaldeans and Egyptians said this was a young woman (Persian -- virgin) on a throne nourishing an infant boy, having a Hebrew name Ihesu which in Greek is called Christos. Shakespeare referred to this as "the good boy in Virgo's lap" (Titus Andronicus Act 4 Sc. 5).
Original Egyptian name Shes-nu -- the desired son. Renamed by the Egyptians as Coma Berenice -- The hair or wig of Berenice.
(B) Centaur. Half man - half horse. Said to indicate the two natures of Christ. Hebrew name is Beza or Al Beze (Arabic) -- the despised (Is. 53:3). The star called "Heretofore and Hereafter" (Toliman) is in the horse's fore-foot (Rev. 1:8) over a cross.
(C) Bootes. A man with a spear and sickle (Rev. 14:15-16). Name is The Coming One (Ps. 96:13). The star called "He Cometh" (Arcturus) is in his left leg (Job 9:9). "The Pierced" (Nekkar) in his head (Zech. 12:10). "Who Bruises" (Merga) in his sickle (Gen. 3:15). "Who Separates" (Muphride) in his left leg. He is our Shepherd and Harvester.

Following the invasion of the Free Worlds League by the Skye and Bolan Provinces of the Lyran Alliance in what was termed Operation ÜBERSCHATTEN , Marshall Jeremy Brett took command of the local FWLM and launched a counteroffensive, under the name Operation BROKEN FIST . BROKEN FIST went beyond simply attempting to recapture worlds that the Lyrans had seized, striking into Lyran space at numerous worlds. Denebola was one of the worlds hit and was attacked by the League forces on the 1st of September 3068 . [16] By the 20th of September the League forces had successfully captured Denebola. [17]

Denebola distance from earth

denebola distance from earth


denebola distance from earthdenebola distance from earthdenebola distance from earthdenebola distance from earthdenebola distance from earth