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Lets discuss the pineal gland. I am a srlf taught scholar lol on all things esoteric illuminati ancient alien reptilian matrix related. I’m currently working on a book regarding these things therefore I’ve been researching it for five years. the funny thing about it all is that I started as an urban fiction writer and then out of the blue all of this knowledge just emerged from with in me and I didn’t know how I knew these things but when I research these things I found my thoughts were indeed true which prompted me to write the book and I’m doing it from a different perspective, including other people thoughts and theories and questions along with my own research to do this one big collaboration of a book that will change the world I am a 36 year old college educated African American woman no one like myself has ever dreamed of doing anything like this. It will change the world

This book seriously has some pretty great with Claire who is the main character,a very intelligent and wise woman,who stands for what she goes through so much in this story and she is well the other hand we have Jamie,also one of the main characters,a strong and also wise can't imagine what a life he had,and he's still maybe it is just be but for a person in 1700s Jamie has a pretty developed sense of there were some moments I laughed out also was a favorite of some scenes,which I am going to mention in the part two of this review,she was a solid character,and I liked that.

I forgot to finish my point!

These characterizations from the book are so much more nuanced and interesting, and they support a more intriguing theme than the characters in the movie (and it's not like it's hard for movies to have nuanced characters...)

The movie has always been, to me, overly concerned with making sure that we know that Howl, Sophie, Calcifer, and TWoTW are good people who should be loved. The book is far more willing to say, "hey, they're people: they're complicated, really complicated, and kind of annoying and some of them are just messed up, but a few of them are worth it. And you are worth it, even if you're complicated and little messed up too."

Diana lol role

diana lol role


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