Dianabol pills pics

Although for many they are not as easy to find, anabolic steroids that come in an ampule form are by far the most rarely faked. Ampules or “amps” as they are commonly called will normally be designed so specifically that counterfeiting is not worth the hassle. The specific shape of the ampule, the neck size, and often the engraved writing on the glass is more trouble to counterfeit than it’s worth and finding steroid pictures of these ampules can save you a lot of stress. Don’t be mistaken, some will still try to pass off fake ampules but if you find good quality steroid pictures of the amp in question you will be in better shape than most.

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Dianabol pills pics

dianabol pills pics


dianabol pills picsdianabol pills picsdianabol pills picsdianabol pills picsdianabol pills pics