Dinobot strafe

Due to their small size, the Mini Dinobots were allowed free reign of the junkyard premises. They often hung out in Cade Yeager 's personal trailer, and Cade even trained Mini Strafe (who Cade nicknamed "Pterry") to fetch beers for him from the fridge. When Cade returned to his trailer with the orphan Izabella , he found the Mini Dinobots wreaking havoc in his trailer, especially since Mini-Grimlock had acquired the ability to breathe fire. That night, the Mini Dinobots spent the night with Izzy, and gave her a pleasant surprise when she woke up the next morning. Mini Strafe was later present when Daytrader gifted the Autobots with the Knight Ship . The Last Knight

Strafe was minding his own buisness in a Chinese forest when Optimus Prime and his Autobots arrived, intent on learning how to ride the mighty Dinobots into battle. After Hound tried to boss about Slash and got hurled away for his efforts, Bumblebee attempted to earn their favor...by giving them treats. This went over a bit too well, and Strafe was forced to rescue the Autobot from the Dinobot stampede; but the Dinobot immediately sent Bumblebee falling to the ground when the Autobot attempted to ride him. When Grimlock caught the scent of Decepticons, Strafe rolled out with his fellow Dinobots into battle, finally letting Bumblebee ride him. How to Ride a Dinobot!

That all said, Mini variations of established Transformers aren’t an entirely new concept in the franchise – as “Mini-Cons” have long been part of Transformers mythology. In the animated series and comics, Mini-Cons were smaller Transformers that bonded with larger bots – giving their bigger partners new abilities or weapons. Based on what has been revealed of the Mini Dinobots, they don’t appear (right now) to fit the parameters of Mini-Cons but with Transformers 5 digging deep into expansive Transformers mythology , it’s still possible the Baby bots will be more than just comic relief.

Dinobot strafe

dinobot strafe


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