Lean bulk diet on cycle

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A short fast will actually decrease bodyfat stores, improve your carbohydrate metabolism, protect muscle, increase your metabolism (shown in fasts up to 36–48 hours), and help you live longer. That said, in the diet that follows, you’ll reserve fasting for off days, as you need a full supply of energy on training days to ensure an effective session and full recovery. Your workouts need to stay productive so the body sees muscle as something necessary to keep. Fat stores will be a bit more expendable because your body will want to preserve muscle to keep up with your workouts.

A big player in this process is the hormone leptin. Leptin regulates your metabolism. If leptin levels are high, your metabolic rate will also be high. But when leptin levels drop, like when you're in a caloric deficit, your metabolic rate goes down with it. Even if you're strategically manipulating leptin levels with refeeds and cheat meals, leptin will drop when you diet down. Ever notice how your diet gets a lot less effective after the first month? It's because your body is working towards homeostasis, down-regulating leptin secretion, and dropping your metabolic rate.

Lean bulk diet on cycle

lean bulk diet on cycle


lean bulk diet on cyclelean bulk diet on cyclelean bulk diet on cyclelean bulk diet on cyclelean bulk diet on cycle