Marstrom mast e-jolle

Construction details include a hull laminate made of carbon fiber set in epoxy resin, fully infused and post-cured over a CoreCell foam core. All interior furniture and components are likewise foam-cored and are skinned with fine wood veneers. The boat’s carbon rig features a Marstrom rotating wing-section mast supported by aramid fiber rigging. Furling gear is from Facnor.

The underwater carbon foils are centerboards instead of daggerboards, to reduce potential damage in case of a crash. The rudders are also carbon, and retractable. The centerboards are controlled by hydraulic rams, with shear pins that let the boards kick up on impact.

Gunboats feature a forward working cockpit, just abaft the mast and forward of the cabinhouse. All working lines are led to the cockpit, powered by three Lewmar power winches, so the boat can be easily controlled from the cockpit by a small crew.

Marstrom mast e-jolle

marstrom mast e-jolle