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Hi…I just recently started making my own wet food to add to the grain free kibble for my dogs. My older dog seems to have a definite allergy to wheat. We adopted a new dog and in my effort to entice him to eat, I introduced him to a regular wet food with his kibble and let my older one have some as well. Within 2 months, we noticed that he was showing signs of atopic dermititus around his eyes. So now I am making their food with ground turkey, kidney beans, peas, carrots and brown rice and adding some fish oil once it is cooked. Within a week, we are seeing an great improvement to his eyes…plus, they love it! Less expensive than anything from the store!

The first time I had these was so scary because I don't know what's goin on that time, I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they cannot find anything thank God. Those medicine won't help at all only when I changed my doctor that 2nd doctor was able to diagnosed it and it's all about certain foods that I can't take for 2 years for so to get heal and one of those food is white sugar. Anyway during those attacks I had a panic attack too because I don't understand what's goin on with me like a lot of phlegm and what's scared me was I cannot breath so what I did even at the middle of the night I grab my bible and went outside and pray and thank God it calm me down and open my airways. When I look back before I had that heartburn, gerd, acid reflux, my heart was full of anger to someone who wronged me but when I release forgiveness in Jesus name and I asked God for forgiveness also for all my sins, I forgive myself too, the healing begins also. I hope and pray I was able to share also about these heartburn,gerd&acid reflux. I feel good now praise God, the nausea & like feeling of eyes burning is gone, I just keep on drinking water, yes before I forget, needs to drink also at least 8 glasses of water everyday and avoid any soda and don't forget to exercise everyday and have a good night sleep. Now I will start again to avoid those food that triggers. Praying to God for everyone to be heal in Jesus name...

Mast s vitaminem e

mast s vitaminem e


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