Masteron bill roberts

I appreciate the info. It doesn't make a lot of sense from a scientific standpoint. For example. why would anyway say a ratio of testosterone is 100/100? why not just a ratio of 1/1 or just plain 1. It probably took a lot of research on google to find this but just because its on the internet doesn't make it so. Its kind of like the insurance commercial where the chick hooks up with the guy who told her he was a french model, and really he was an american douche bag. Another thing is proviron has almost no anabolic properties as it is DHT which is purely androgenic therefore its ratio should accurately reflect that. Bill Roberts says a lot of things that can not be backed up by scientific standards. The gold standard being a double blind placebo. It would take a huge amount of research to come up with an accurate list of Q ratios and even then the researchers would have to come up with ways of determining androgenic vs anabolic properties. Since there is no accepted medical reason to conduct this research and no way to makee money of of it it will never happen. So i guess instead of throwing numbers out there its better just to say, " my experience with oxandrolone is very few androgenic side effects compared with trenbolone" or whatever.

Agreed. Mast should never be viewed as a replacement for a true SERM or AI. If you need one of those you better be taking them. However, if you understand where your limits and needs are you can dose for yourself appropriately. For instance, Im currently cruising at 500mg/wk test and 400mg/wk mast. I also use dbol before my training 40mg on days I train. Anyway, I do not actively use an AI or SERM with these doses. Mind you I do have both tamox and anastrozole in moderate supply if something were to happen. Quite frankly the doses Im running now are better for me than just a straight gram of test. Part of the reason Mast is sometimes referred to as a cutting product is no doubt because of its estrogen control properties.

Just found this in the search feature , I think test gets way too much undue credit for a lot of the wonderful benefits of maleness / steroids, most of which are derived from dht which is what in effect, masteron is. Test will build you muscle but that's about it. The libido , drive , confidence , mental clarity, decisiveness that's all dht. To look at the inverse , I've had my T levels at >1500 and estrogen right in the sweet spot and still felt like a lazy pathetic piece of shit with no real increase in libido while on cycle, my body struggles with dht conversion, so all just about all exogenous test will do for me is build muscle. As for why your test is so damn low, I've heard claims that masteron can create the same natural-T-production-shutting-down negative feed back loop in your body that exogenous test would, I've also heard people say that's bullshit but your test results seem to confirm it. You need to be on T and Mast or none at all, your body does need more testosterone to function properly and more specific to your case , without T you can't create estrogen and with estrogen levels crashed you will feel like shit guaranteed.

Masteron bill roberts

masteron bill roberts


masteron bill robertsmasteron bill robertsmasteron bill robertsmasteron bill robertsmasteron bill roberts