Mastoid process

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Now mastoid effusion basically means that there is collecetion of fluid behind the ear, this is in the bony prominence behind the ear which is composed of air cells. This collection can be in the form of pus or even just simple fluid. Normally the major cause for collection of fluid behind the ear in this region is due to an infection of the middle ear, or the throat or even the inner ear. This can lead to collection of fluid. Also if you have symptoms of chronic sinusistis then this disorder can occur as well.

Now the symptoms which are associated with mastoid effusion are the following,

Ear pain
Ear discharge
tenderness over the mastoid process
Headaches in the form of shooting sharp pain on one side of the head
Localized inflammation

Now the headaches which youre getting can be due to this problem as well. Now the treatment for this condition is with the following steps,

One is that of antibiotics like ticarcillin, clavulanate & ciprofloxacin, gentamicin.

In some conditions where antibiotic medications are not successful, There surgery remains the best treatment to cure. By removing part of the bone and drain the mastoid via surgery.

So right now i would suggest that you be put on antibiotics to solve this problem and if that doesnt help, then surgical intervention can be done. For this a visit to your ENT is the best option. I hope this helps

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Mastoid process

mastoid process


mastoid processmastoid processmastoid processmastoid processmastoid process