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14. Safety - Headphones: In the interests of everyone's safety, please don’t use iPods, MP3 or similar players. The Torbay Half Marathon is a 2-lap course and most runners will be lapped by the lead runners – overtaking from behind running three times faster than you. We therefore need our runners to be able to hear our marshal’s safety instructions as the lead runners and the escorts approach. You will not be able to hear them if you are using headphones – if you must wear headphones please leave one earpiece off. It’s really important .

When Faggin designed the MCS-4 family, he also christened the chips with distinct names: 4001, 4002, 4003, and 4004, breaking away from the numbering scheme used by Intel at that time which would have required the names 1302, 1105, 1507, and 1202 respectively. Had he followed Intel's number sequence, the idea that the chips were part of a family of components intended to work seamlessly together would have been lost. [29] Intel's early numbering scheme for integrated circuits used a four-digit number for each component. The first digit indicated the process technology used, the second digit indicated the generic function, and the last two digits of the number were used to indicate the sequential number in the development of the component. The 8008 microprocessor was originally called 1201, per Intel’s naming conventions. Before its market introduction, the 1201 was renamed 8008, following the new naming convention started with the 4001/2/3/4.

Primo cycles uk

primo cycles uk


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