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Modena. Ms alpha della Bibl. Estense (ANn 1a)
[Modena, Bibl. Estense, alpha (ModA)] The Manuscript alpha of the Biblioteca Estense. Edited by Anne Stone.
Ars Nova, Nuova Serie, 1a. Lucca 2003 20 x 27 cm. 128 pp. Full-color reproduction. One of the most representative witnesses of the dissemination of French music in Italy. Works by Italian composers during the late trecento and early quattrocento. 100 compositions, 56 of which are unica. Hardbound. (Special OMI price; reg. $320) $279 (more info... ) [item ]

In April 2006 the Florence police arrested Italian journalist Mario Spezi together with mobster Luigi Ruocco and ex-Carabinieri officer Ferdinando Zaccaria while they were found trying enter the area of a private villa in a countryside location in Tuscany . The police, on Mignini's orders, had wiretapped their phone conversation as they appeared to be plotting to plant some evidence items related the Monster of Florence inside the villa. [32] [33] Preliminary judge Marina De Roberti, on Mignini's request, ordered the men to be held in cautionary custody, and also formally suspected Spezi of complicity in the homicides of the Monster of Florence case. The request of custody was not motivated by the suspicion of murder, but based on the accusation of attempting to pollute the Narducci investigation. Spezi was held for 23 days, 4 without a lawyer. [34] [35] [36]

Primo orale universiti

primo orale universitI


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