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Sexsomnia: fast asleep and having sex
Disorder Studied
Tom Blackwell, National Post
Published: Friday, October 19, 2007
They are as young as 15, close to a third are women and their behaviours range from self-pleasure to oral sex and intercourse. New Canadian research suggests that sexsomnia -- the recently discovered phenomenon of people who have sex while fast asleep -- is more widespread than expected, and includes a wide assortment of people.

Contact with a bed partner's body was the most common trigger for sleep sex reported by the 219 subjects, while a relatively small percentage ended up in trouble with the law, some after involving children in their unconscious acts. Many had other psychological conditions, such as depression, although for some sexsomniacs it seems to be an acceptable, if slightly odd, part of their lives.

In a phenomenon that is likened to sleepwalking, they typically remember nothing of the incidents.

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Provereno sto na sto

provereno sto na sto


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