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Recently, we shared in this blog about the need for boys to understand their calling as men to serve others with their manhood, and about the conversation that we regularly have with our grammar boys regarding a biblical approach to masculinity. Middle and high school young men need encouragement, counsel, and instruction in the application of their masculinity in a biblical approach as well. Culture needs godly men, as does the Church, our school, our community, and every family. Yet, confusion abounds concerning biblical masculinity. Masculine steward-leaders that are others-focused are always in demand. PCS strives to help our boys recognize their calling as men is to serve, honor a [...]

In Christo omnia nova serves as the motto for Providence Christian College. Directly translated from the Latin it means simply “in Christ all things new,” though there is a lot packed into this little phrase without a verb. It derives biblical warrant from several passages in the New Testament that describe Jesus Christ’s reconciling work in the world (II Cor. 5:17; I Cor. 15:22; Col. 1:15-23; Rev. 21:5), and it serves as a constant reminder both of the work that Providence is about and the One who is accomplishing that work. Learn More »

Providence christian academy

providence christian academy


providence christian academyprovidence christian academyprovidence christian academyprovidence christian academyprovidence christian academy