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Proviron has hands up effects especially when it used in stack with Winstrol, oxandrolone and Primobolan. These drugs are know as the relatively low androgenic content. At this point, Proviron promotes a well needed androgen, which causes an increase in the hardness and density of the muscles. For female bodybuilders single 25mg tablet will be sufficient in shifting the androgen/estrogen ratio, and can lead a well desired results on the physique. Nevertheless, its highly androgenic being should take into account. Therefore, especially women bodybuilders need to be cautious while having a cycle on it. Higher dosages clearly have the potential side effects such as a most potent one, virilization symptoms. Due to the fact that, it is not recommended women bodybuilders to take more than one tablet per day, and the duration of five week usage. It should also be noted that Proviron is also considered as a proper choice for during contest preparations. These are the times when having lower estrojen and highly androgen levels are mostly desirable.

                  After taking steroids, you will see the reduction in your sperm counts so Proviron will help you in this situation for improving quickly low sperm count, thus sexual activity wakes. This product is advised by the experts, by us as a perfect anti-estrogen. With the use of under 100 mg daily, you can reach to excellent results. But you must not forget the details regarding the use of Proviron, for example if you have an allergy to mesterolone or any of the ingredients in Proviron, have high blood calcium levels, have cancer of the prostate, have previous or existing liver tumours, you can not use Proviron.

                    1.-6. Weeks 3 tablets (30 mg) Dianabol per day
                    1.-5. Weeks 1 tablets (50 mg) Anadrol per day
                    3.-5. Weeks 1 tablet (25 mg) Proviron per day
                    5.-8. Weeks 1 tablet (10 mg) Tamoxifen per day

This an oral cycle example for the beginner users. It is a very effective cycle that has protective medicine, for that reason you can use it safely. Your gains will be a high level.

                    SIDE EFFECTS
                    Headache, loss of appetite, pain in pelvic area, symptoms of an enlarged prostate such as changes in urination, or blood in the urine or ejaculate, pain in liver area, pain in lower back or abdomen, depression, aggression, acne, hirsutism unexplained weight loss.

Proviron sale

proviron sale


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