T-bolt target/varmint review

The new X-Bolt Bolt-Action Rifle is launched, and is the most innovative bolt rifle on the market. It features a new, three-lever Feather Trigger, a solid X-Lock scope mounting system, a new added measure of safety with a Bolt Unlock Button and a 60„a bolt lift. It also has a free-floated barrel, bedded at the front and rear of the action for stability.
Also new on the X-Bolt is the Inflex Technology Recoil Pad which directs recoil punch in a downward deflection, pulling the stock comb away from the face to reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb. It features a rotary box magazine designed to feed cartridges directly in-line with the bolt, instead of offset as with traditional leaf-spring magazines. There are four models issued and more to come.

The Browning name is now closely associated with Miroku and Winchester, thus extending still further their fine range of shotguns and rifles. Include with this the huge variety of cartridges and metallic ammunition these companies have to offer, and you will see why Chris Potter Country Sports has been a major dealer in Browning, Miroku and Winchester for in excess of 20 years. This gives us great product knowledge that we are only too willing to pass on to you, our customer, whether you are thinking of spending a three-figure or five-figure sum on your new gun.

T-bolt target/varmint review

t-bolt target/varmint review


t-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint reviewt-bolt target/varmint review