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Another item causing some concern these days is the auto start/stop. This system turns off the engine when stopped at red lights, or while sitting in traffic. The engine then restarts when the driver removes his or her foot off the brake. While some reviews bemoan the speed at which the engine restarts, we found a unique benefit to it — it helped not scare off the birds! While driving around and scouting the open country, we routinely came across large flocks of birds. Auto start/stop allowed us to watch without having to stop, shift into park, and then shut off the engine. Then, we could easily move on with the simple removal of our foot from the brake. This was quite an unforeseen benefit of this system.

As a result, the company might select a segmented strategy as a result of the A/B test, sending variant B to men and variant A to women in the future. In this example, a segmented strategy would yield an increase in expected response rates from 5 % = 40 + 10 500 + 500 {\textstyle 5\%={\frac {40+10}{500+500}}} to % = 40 + 25 500 + 500 {\textstyle \%={\frac {40+25}{500+500}}} – constituting a 30% increase.

The political canon of Falange resembled that of Italy's Partito Nazionale Fascista . It shared its dislike of Marxism and its contempt for democracy. Primo de Rivera proposed that the creation of a hierarchical trade-union hegemony under Falangist control would guarantee the robust protection of every honest worker. Additionally the Falangist platform called for extensive agrarian reforms, for the nationalization of the banking system and for the suppression of all political parties. Until the desired establishment of one-party rule Falange preferred the formalities of a liberal democracy. The party had no formal view on religion other than to guarantee freedom of worship while at the same time acknowledging and affirming that Roman Catholicism was the historical preference of the Spanish people. [23]

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